Why Coast Warehouse?

With our FDA-registered, AIB top-rated  food grade warehousing facility, we are more than equipped to meet your food service or dry product storage needs


Our Southern California warehouse boasts a perfect location for receiving shipments from the Port of Long Beach


Our state-of-the-art 3PL Logistics Warehousing facilities translate to efficiency and safety for the distribution of our customers’ products


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Proud member of the J.G. Haddy family—the answer to all you packaging, trucking and warehousing needs!

About Our Warehouse

Coast Warehouse Company now leads the growing So Cal warehousing providers market after providing full-service warehousing and distribution services for approx 30 years. 

The company originated from the combined needs of our first two common-owned companies: Coast Packaging, our packaging distributor, and CPS Express, our trucking company.  Their joint requirements necessitated the creation of a warehousing company.  Because of this common ownership, we have gained a large and highly regarded share of the warehousing, transportation, and distribution market.


Coast Warehouse Company is a full service warehouse that provides short or long-term warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, cross-dock, pick/pack, labeling, bar-coding, inventory management, repacking, inspection, quality assurance and local and interstate trucking services. Our customized solutions can provide support for product overflow, seasonal volume fluctuations and dead storage.


Coast Warehouse Company has the capability to manage customers’ inventory using PSION Teklogix Workabout Pro handheld RF scanners operating with warehouse management computer systems, Royal 4’s WISE and Argo’s INSIGHT.


Coast Warehouse and company owned/operated transportation fleet, CPS Express Inc., focuses on providing flexible logistics solutions, delivering excellent customer service, and building partnerships with companies of all sizes to improve their supply chain networks.


We are your partner for a “single source solution”.  Our dedicated employees have helped us grow into the effective and efficient warehouse and distribution company known for its reputable, high-level service.  And that’s not all.  We always tailor our local and regional programs to meet our customer's requirements. Customer service is a priority for us – we understand what it takes to gain your business and what it takes to keep it.


Coast Warehouse Company is your one-call, one-stop solution to your warehouse and transportation needs.

Roll paper (bulk or parent) storage & handling

If your requirements include bulk or parent roll paper storage, handling and distribution, Coast Warehouse Company is your answer.  We have been storing and handling paper rolls for corrugated box manufacturers and tissue paper users for many years.  Coast Warehouse is ready to handle your delicate requirements with their specialized paper roll clamps.  Our gentle roll clamp experience given our tissue paper roll handling as well as our high volume shipping capacity equal customer satisfaction.  We look forward to learning your requirements!

Bulk paper and plastic rolls on pallets

Coast Warehouse Company also handles your bulk paper and plastic rolls on pallets.  We provide pallet banding, strapping and other protection items required to maintain the safety of your valuable product.

Are you looking for a Warehouse close to Costco Wholesale?
If you are looking for a warehouse and trucking partner that is located less than 1/4 mile from Costco Wholesale's Mira Loma, CA distribution center, Coast Warehouse and CPS Express Inc are your answer.  Many companies do business with Costco wholesale and we are here to help you improve your response time, fix the occational problem shipment or just provide back up inventory.  We already provide this service to other Costco suppliers from our Mira Loma, CA 250,000 square foot operation.  We also have a smaller 30,000 square foot warehouse in Northern California.  Coast Warehouse is an American Institute of Baking or AIB certified food grade warehouse.  No service level expectation is beyond our capability!  We schedule trucks to deliver to Costco Wholesale Mira Loma, CA DC every day.  Please call us at 951 685-4100 to help with your 3PL requirement and recieve a very competitive rate quote today.  Thank you for the opportunty!!!
Case Study - Food Distribution

A well known food manufacturing company approached Coast Warehouse Company to help them with 3rd party logistics (3pl) and California warehousing for their food product distributed in the Western US. Given Coast’s experience of being an AIB (American Institute of Baking) certified food grade warehouse, storing other customer food products and distributing food grade packaging, this opportunity was clearly in Coast Warehouse’s California warehouse wheelhouse. Coast Warehouse Company and CPS Express Inc are one of the premier California warehousing and transportation companies operating from California’s coveted Inland Empire warehousing area. They specialize in general warehousing, food grade warehousing and JIT transportation solutions. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) was also required by this new customer with one of their largest grocery customers; Target Stores. Shipments are high and low volume quantities and 100% accuracy in shipping, inventory tracking and receiving continues to be goal achieved. Coast Warehouse utilizes two RF scanner Warehouse management computer programs, Royal 4’s WISE and Argo’s INSIGHT to manage their PSION Teklogix Workabout Pro handheld scanners and customer’s inventory. Coast Warehouse’s Los Angeles area warehouse location and company owned/operated transportation fleet by CPS Express Inc. allowed them to offer one stop solutions and customer product single point delivery responsibility to this new customer shipping to California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico and Idaho. Coast warehouse also ships to other US regions, and Mexico, utilizing National carriers and intermodal operators for both LTL (Less than Truckload) and FTL (Full Truckload) applications. You can now find this latest food product on the shelf of your favorite local grocery and warehouse store location.


Walgreens Project
Have you noticed the newly re-modeled freezer section in your local Walgreens Stores?  Coast Warehouse Company and CPS Express Inc. in the Inland Empire was part of that team. The Walgreens Stores themselves could not house the retrofit kits, which included the 74 x 148 glass doors and door frames, until the installation could be done and that is where Coast Warehouse came into action. The project managers were in need of temporary retrofit kits for the freezers in 25 Walgreens Stores in Southern California. Various manufacturers shipped the glass doors, door frames, shelves, motors, lights and everything required for the full build outs, right down to the screws, to our centrally located warehouse. Coast Warehouse company consolidated the kits by Walgreen store number and shipped the kits to the installers. Coast Warehouse was proud to be a part of this team. Can we provide similar service for you?
Case Study - Cross dock / immediate need

To The Rescue…  Coast Warehouse Company

It’s a Friday morning, you have two loads refused by a customer in Southern California and you need those trucks empty right away to pick up a “JIT” load from your biggest and most important shipper.  You need to find a place that offers unloading / loading services, temporary warehousing, heavy pallet handling, cross dock service, flexible hours; all at a reasonable price. Oh, just to make it tougher, the product is food grade that needs AIB certification, and… you still need to get it delivered the following Monday. What are you going to do?

CALL US! (800) 888-CPSX (2779) or (951) 685-4100

This scenario happened recently, in fact it happens quite often. As a California based 3pl we understand special challenges that you face everyday and have geared our business to helping you. We have the facilities and equipment to handle almost every type of product shipped. Fork lifts, pallets jacks, squeeze clamps, roll clamps, high lifts, slip sheet lifts or even hand loads. We can also perform a simple cross docking all the way to extended storage and distribution. With our trucking services we also offer transportation and delivery to your customer! All of this with just one simple phone call. Give us a try the next time you need to get a load off – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

By the way, the above situation was handled immediately. Within 30 minutes the trucks were on their way to make the hot pick-ups and the product was delivered by us the following Monday. Another very happy Coast Warehouse Co. and CPS Express Inc. customer.

Our Aim is YOUR Satisfaction

Our friendly Customer Service is focused on your requiremnts and specifics.  We pride ourselves on saying YES to customer requests!  Please call us and find out.

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