Molded Fiber Packaging

The Answer to Your Pulp Molded Packaging Needs
Coast Packaging Company is the premier supplier of molded fiber packaging products in the Western United States. This product line compliments our focus on providing cost effective sustainable packaging alternatives to those customers trying to fill the need for ENIVORNMENTALLY FRIENDLY PACKAGING in the consumer market. With over 30-years experience servicing the egg packaging industry, Coast Packaging has developed the expertise to solve your molded fiber packaging needs. Our current line of molded fiber products include:
  • Egg Cartons and Hinge Lid Containers
  • Produce Trays
  • Filler Flats
  • Wine Valets
  • Industrial trays: cell phone / cup carriers

Make The Call Today - 800 624-0838  Please see attached PDF of Pactiv Corporation Egg Packaging item we sell.

In conjunction with our extensive line of molded fiber products, Coast Packaging has the experience necessary to assist you in designing custom molded fiber packaging solutions to solve your current packaging dilemmas. Please call our packaging specialists or complete our contact form and allow us to help you reach your packaging goals.

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