The J.G. Haddy Family Hosts A Surprise Inspection from the California EPA

On July 31st around 9am, The J.G. Haddy headquarters received a surprise visit from two Air Pollution Specialists from the enforcement division of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), a division of the California Environmental Protection Agency.

CARB’s ultimate goal is to improve California air quality for both present and future generations by insuring all businesses are compliant with their strict standards. The J.G. Haddy family has made CARB compliance a top priority and is proud to be in the forefront complying and maintaining these standards.

CPS Express’s headquarters in Mira Loma, CA is based in one the largest industrial areas in CA –boasting close proximity to three major interstates, multiple rail spurs, an international airport and hubs to various air freight companies. As a result, our region is deemed as a “Hot Spot” and is subject to close scrutiny by the EPA.

Prior to their arrival, the inspectors had previewed the operations at both CPS Express and Coast Warehouse to determine our compliancy with the multitude of reporting requirements that CARB imposes on trucking and warehousing operations. Since the entire J.G. Haddy family values health and safety above all else, we take meticulous care to ensure proper reporting. The surprise inspection was a mere formality to ensure our reports were a proper reflection of our procedures. The CARB specialists reviewed our practices through both visual inspection and an interview with management.

The Haddy Family is proud to report that we came through with flying colors – the inspectors were impressed with how our business was managed and the knowledge of management pertaining to requisite rules and regulations governing environmental compliance. In fact, the two specialists were so thrilled with our practices, they commented that they wished ALL businesses were as dedicated to improving California’s air quality for the benefit of all as the Haddy Family!

As always, we at J.G. Haddy will continue to dedicate our efforts to offering you the highest level of packaging, warehousing and transportation services while upholding the upmost environmental efficiency.

CPS Express Welcomes New Head of Sales and Logistics: Tim Pollock

As previously mentioned, the Haddy family is continues to welcome some incredibly talented personnel to our team with the goal of bringing the highest quality service to our customers!

Early last year, CPS Express welcomed Tim Pollock to our team as the new head of Sales and Logistics. When Tim met CPS Express President Bill Smerber and J.G. Haddy Company CEO Kurt Allen, they immediately recognized his results-based focus and committed to having Tim join the Haddy Family team!

Tim came to us with an impressive history in the transportation industry. After graduation Easter Illinois University with a BA in Economics and a minor in Business Administration in 1999, Tim relocated to Arizona and began working with Knight Transportation where he held multiple positions ranging from Dispatch and Operations to Fleet Manager to Director if Driver Development for Southern California. Tim also served Knight as a Safety Manager, Divisional Sales Manager and Service Center Manager over his tenure. Tim also served in Operations and Sales and as a Dedicated Site Manager for other trucking companies throughout the Western United States.

With that résumé, the Haddy Family knew that Tim shared the same commitment to performance and safety on which CPS Express prides ourselves for our FTL and LTL trucking services and our decision to bring him on board was an easy one. According to Tim, the move to the J.G. Haddy Sales team was just as smooth: “I love the smaller atmosphere along with interacting with our drivers. I am very thankful for all the experiences and mentors that have gotten me to where I am today.”

When Tim is not busy helping our clients find the most efficient and cost-effective trucking service or supervising our dedicated drivers and 24/7 dispatchers, Tim might be spending time with his wife Kimberly, two daughters Reagan and Kennedy and dog Jack, working on his golf game or cheering on the 49ers.

The Haddy family is always honored to find someone who not only understands but embraces our mission of top-tier service to our clients through the synergy of our truck load and LTL hauling CPS Express trucking service, AIB-certified food grade Coast Warehouse and environmentally-friendly packaging supplier Coast Packaging Company!

Happy Birthday to Ted Smerber

The J.G. Haddy Sales Company has been in business for almost 40 years. In that time, we have been committed to serving an abundance of customers with all of their packaging, warehousing and trucking needs. During this time we have seen a lot of people join our team, but none of them are quite as colorful as Ted Smerber.

On May 26th, we celebrate Ted's 64th birthday and almost 20 years as part of our J.G. Haddy family. Ted has served the Haddy team in a variety of roles and currently oversees various special projects and customer requests that involve special handling. Ted is truly a valuable member of our Operations team. We are looking forward to many more years. Happy Birthday Ted!

If you are looking for individualized solutions for your packaging, warehousing and trucking needs, Ted and the rest of the Coast Packaging, Coast Warehouse, and CPS Express teams look forward to servicing you!

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