Coast Warehouse Introduces New Electric Forklifts

In continuing with Coast Warehouse’s ongoing commitment to the cleanest and greenest tools out there, we are happy to announce the addition of two new electric battery-powered forklifts at our 200,000 square-foot warehouse!

Unlike propane forklifts, electric forklifts like the ones Coast Warehouse purchased from Crown Lift Trucks are not fossil fuel dependent—making them the environmentally-efficient lifting alternative. The zero tailpipe emissions from electric forklifts also make them much safer for food-grade warehouses like our Mira Loma facility. As a food grade warehousing facility, Coast Warehouse is committed to excellence in maintaining industry standards for health and safety which is reflected in our “Superior” rated American Institute of Baking, AIB-certification.

In keeping with the J.G. Haddy pledge of “Safety First, Last & Always,” Coast Warehouse intends to continue growing our electric forklift fleet as time and necessity dictates. If you’re looking for a food grade or dry warehousing facility in Southern California for easy storage near major retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Costco and Amazon; a commitment to the upmost in health and safety, Coast Warehouse is your answer!

Coast Warehouse Is Excited To Welcome Our New Director of Logistics: Paul Anderson

In continuing with our promise to provide the best service and customized solutions for our clients’ packaging, shipping and warehousing needs, the Haddy family is welcoming some incredibly talented personnel to our team!

Coast Warehouse is pleased to announce that as of April 2017, we have welcomed Paul Anderson to the Haddy family! Paul is an experienced business leader with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics, freight and package delivery industry. We are thrilled to have his skills in Leadership, P&L Management, Negotiation, Operations Management, Sales Management, Warehousing and Transportation as a resource for both our team and our clients.

Paul started his career in transportation with Old Dominion Freight Line in 1986, spending 14 years in both Operations and Sales Management. He has also worked with both asset and non-asset based third-party logistics companies. During his 8 years at Network Global Logistics, he started the NGL Freight division and specialized in value-added transportation services including NFO, white glove, expedited, small package, LTL, truckload, rail, intermodal and more.

Now, Paul is serving the J.G. Haddy Sales Company as Director of Logistics with responsibilities for Coast Warehouse sales and operations, as well as a newly formed, not-asset based transportation management division.

According to Paul, what drew him to Haddy Companies more than anything else was the leadership team: “This is a very well established 3PL with a diverse set of solutions and service offerings. What brings it all together is an ownership team that believes in their employees and allows them to work directly in our clients’ best interest. We are open to exploring new ways to help our clients achieve their goals and while we’re small enough to be flexible, we’re large enough to get the job done. There are no barriers to success at the JG Haddy Sales Company.”

The Haddy family is honored to have found someone who not only understands but embraces our mission of top-tier service to our clients through the synergy of our AIB-certified food grade Coast Warehouse, truck load and LTL hauling CPS Express trucking service and environmentally-friendly packaging supplier Coast Packaging Company!

Coast Warehouse Is Clearing Out Space And Selling Our Surplus!

Coast Warehouse is conducting a major cleanout to make room for new customers at our 175,000 square-foot warehouse facility in Mira Loma, CA! We will be selling our surplus of the following items:

1. Packaging materials; retail, wholesale and etc.

2. Corrugated boxes

3. Used office furniture

4. Plumbing fixtures and supplies

5. Wood and plastic pallets

6. Electric forklifts and transporter equipment

7. Carts and tugs

8. Salvage

9. Items to be recycled.

10. Misc other items

For more information about specific items or for pictures, please contact Coast Warehouse / CPS Express at (951)685-4100 ext 2 (recruiting) .

Coast Warehouse Is Getting Tons of Toys Ready For The Holidays With A Price Sticker Rework

Lately, Coast Warehouse has been looking a lot like Santa’s Workshop! Per a client request, our Warehouse elves have been hard at work reworking toys for 99 Cent Only Stores. Coast Warehouse has been tasked with adding a discounted price sticker to hundreds of thousands of toys for this holiday season! In keeping with the mission of the 99 Cent Only Stores, this price reduction represented a deep discount from other retailers on some of the stores’ most exciting toys.

Coast Warehouse is excited to have this opportunity to be a part of the holiday-shopping experience for hundreds of thousands of value conscious consumers. Our rework assignment on these toys is multi-faceted. First, we open each case to apply the lower price sticker to each item. Then, after closing and taping each case, we re-palletize and shrink-wrap them. Finally, we house the pallets until they are ready to ship to any one of the 350 99 Cent Only Store locations in California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada. So far, Coast Warehouse has been reworking 56 full truck loads (FTL’s) for the end of November and another group possibly after that.

Coast Warehouse and the entire J.G. Haddy Family pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate our clients’ unique needs—especially during the holiday season! Our prime 250,000 square foot location in Mira Loma and packaging/warehousing/trucking synergy allow us to oblige our clients’ unique situations-- including improving your response time, fixing the occasional problem shipment or just providing back-up inventory to several major retailers located within a short distance from our operation.

Costco Mandarin Oranges have a new home for the New Year here at Coast Warehouse!

Coast Warehouse Company’s new customer imports a variety of specialty snack foods that are sold in Costco Wholesalers.   These snacks made their way to Coast Warehouse ( from one of the biggest 3PL facilities in the greater Los Angeles area that was having trouble managing the inventory, resulting in rejections and complaints from Costco.  Luckily, here at Coast Warehouse we have a state-of-the-art 3PL Logistics Warehousing facilities. We knew our warehousing technology could ensure the efficient handling of our new client’s product. 


Coast Warehouse uses a specialized slip sheet attachment to a forklift that unloads floor loaded ocean going containers, saving the cost of hand unloading and stacking each case on pallets without compromising accuracy and precision. Once the containers are unloaded, Coast Warehouse reinforces the product before storing in our warehouse to protect the composition of the product.  Prior to departure from our warehouse, Coast Warehouse machine plastic wraps the product in order to connect or marry it to the chep pallet so it cannot shift during transportation to Costco Wholesalers causing a costly rejections.  As you might expect shipping to Costco Wholesalers in Mira Loma, CA, Tracy, CA, Tolleson, AZ or across the country safely can be challenging given Costco Wholesales strict receiving department standards!


The J.G. Haddy Company (  family is always honored  to provide individualized solutions to our clients’  unique needs like this!  Contact us today to see how the Haddy companies can accommodate your business’s unique requirements through the synergy of our AIB-certified food grade Coast Warehouse, truck load and LTL hauling CPS Express ( ) trucking service and  environmentally-friendly packaging supplier Coast Packaging Company (!

The J.G. Haddy Company Remembers Founder Joe Haddy

The J.G. Haddy Sales Company is saddened to announce the loss of founder Joseph George “Joe” Haddy.  Joe passed away on April 9 at the ripe age of 95.    After being asked by Joe himself, Coast Packaging’s own General Manager Jim Ford gave the eulogy at the memorial service.  Jim’s beautiful speech lauded the long and full life of the Haddy Company’s vibrant namesake:


Joe was born on March 17, 1920 as the first son and fourth child of Tom and Francis Haddy who had emigrated from Lebanon to Walters, MN where his family operated a small grocery and general merchandise store.  After news broke of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, Joe and his buddies immediately wanted to help, leading to Joe enlisting in the U.S. Army in March of 1942.  In 1944, he was deployed to Germany where he served under General Patton.  Joe was a tank officer and commander of a tank division in his company.  By the end of his service, Joe was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart in recognition of his saving a wounded fellow soldier’s life.


After his time in the service, his family moved back to Minnesota where Joe and his brother-in-law John Haddy formed the Haddy Egg Company partnership.  Joe joined the Pacific Egg and Poultry Association (PEPA) in the late 1950s.  Eventually, Joe served as President of PEPA in 1969 and was recognized as PEPA’s “Man of the Year” in 1982.


In 1972 he was approached by a major egg packaging company to become a distributor of their products. For a period he operated both companies but eventually sold the egg business to focus on Coast Packaging.  Since then, Joe’s entrepreneurial mentality has led to the expansion of the Haddy Companies to include Coast Warehouse and CPS Express.


Today CPS Express, Coast Packaging and Coast Warehouse are continuing to be on the forefront meeting all of its customers’ packaging, warehousing and distribution needs. Joe has always had an astute business mind and a personality that endeared him to others. He had a great sense for what might be successful. The J.G. Haddy Sales Company is committed to continuing the vision and promise of excellence instilled in us by our founder and namesake, Joe George Haddy!



Tasty Treats On Their Way From Coast Warehouse To Costco To You!

Coast Warehouse  is proud to be the temporary ‘home’ for some mouth-watering new products on their way to Costco!  Both companies were drawn to Coast Warehouse due to our state-of-the-art 3PL Logistics Warehousing facilities, proximity to Costco Wholesalers and knowledge of Costco display pallet requirements.


With its healthy and conscious ingredients and customizable flavors, Popcornopolis is rapidly becoming one of the coolest brands around!  Coast Warehouse is honored that Popcornopolis recognizes our FDA-certified food grade warehouse as an excellent choice for storing their products while they await shipment to local Costco Wholesalers. Literally hundreds of truckloads of this artisanal kettle corn have been passing through our facilities lately!


Dried Mangoes

Coast Warehouse continues to store pallets-full of tasty dried mangoes while they await departure to local Costco Wholesalers! During their stay at our Southern California warehouse, our dedicated team constructs and stocks some lovely display cases for these sweet treats and set them up on Costco-approved pallets, ensuring that they are ready for immediate placement on the floor of Costco stores.



If your company is looking to get products into Costco Wholesalers, keep Coast Warehouse in mind for your warehousing needs.  Give us a call today to discuss what Coast Warehouse (and all of the J.G. Haddy family) can do to ease your transition into the nation’s largest membership warehouse club!


IR Heaters are Stopping Back at Coast Warehouse on Their Way to Best Buy

It might still be a sunny summer here in Southern California, but Coast Warehouse  is already getting ready for the winter ahead.  We just got word  that a new shipment of Redcore IR heaters are on their way to 3PL logistics ware house in Mira Loma. 


Coast Warehouse  will be storing the products as they await their departure to Best Buy retailers this fall.  We’re excited to make room for Redcore’s expanding product line including air purifying heaters!   We’re honored that Redcore has recognized the J.G. Haddy commitment to excellence and trusted us with its  Southern California warehousing needs for yet another year.  Since we’re sure these new models will be flying off the shelf, CPS Express is standing by in case Best Buy needs an emergency shipment through our Just In Time (JIT) shipping strategy!


If you’re looking for a food grade or dry warehousing facility in Southern California for easy storage near major retailers like Best Buy and Costco, Coast Warehouse  is your answer!  Our prime 250,000 square foot location in Mira Loma and trucking/warehousing synergy allow us to improve your response time, fix the occasional problem shipment or just provide back-up inventory to several major retailers located within a short distance from our operation.

Coast Warehouse Finds A Solution to Another Customer's Unique Needs

SunTech Medical is an innovative medical supply company which offers disposable blood pressure cuffs. These cuffs are soft, single-patient disposable blood pressure cuffs with a patient ID line to minimize cross-contamination for infection-control conscious hospitals, creating a more sanitary and comfortable environment for medical offices to measure patient blood pressure.  SunTech Medical also offers cheery cartoon character stickers to decorate the cuffs and make them more relaxed and accessible to children.

SunTech Medical came to Coast Warehouse with an unusual demand.  As the manufacturer of medical supplies, SunTech is required to date and lot code all of its merchandise.  For many smaller warehouses, this can prove difficult to accommodate.  Luckily, Coast Warehouse has cutting-edge technology that supports a level of inventory management that meets SunTech Medical’s needs.

Coast Warehouse has the capability to manage customers’ inventory using PSION Teklogix Workabout Pro handheld RF scanners operating with warehouse management computer systems like Royal 4’s WISE and Argo’s INSIGHT.  This equipment gives Coast Warehouse the upper hand in a variety of inventory management structures.

If your company requires special warehousing accommodations like date-coding or lot-coding, Coast Warehouse is the perfect solution!  Speak with one of our customer service representatives about your unique situation. Call us today at (951) 685-4100!

Is Your Warehouse FDA Registered and AIB Certified Like Coast Warehouse?

As a food grade warehousing facility, Coast Warehouse  is committed to excellence in maintaining industry standards for health and safety.  As such, Coast Warehouse is proud to boast certifications from both the FDA and the AIB.


Food & Drug Administration (FDA):

The FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety. If you are the operator of a facility that is engaged in manufacturing/processing, packing, or holding of food for human or animal consumption in the U.S., you must register with FDA. 

Our first step as a food grade warehouse was to ensure Coast Warehouse facilities were in compliance with the regulations imposed by the FDA.  After passing the registration process, we were issued a certification number (17945671730).

Read more about FDA Food Facility Registration here:


American Institute of Baking (AIB):

In addition to being an FDA certified warehousing facility, Coast Warehouse is also certified by the American Institute of Baking (AIB).

Integrity, responsibility and responsiveness to customer food safety needs have guided AIB International for more than 60 years. The AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection represent key requirements that a facility must meet in order to keep products manufactured, processed or handled in a facility wholesome and safe. As such, approval from AIB is one of the top honors within the food grade certified warehousing community.

In 2013, AIB awarded Coast Warehouse a stellar 940 score. Under the former rating system, a 940 would receive a “Superior” ranking—the highest approval rating given by AIB.

Read more about AIB Food Safety Inspections and Standards here:


Delicious Dried Fruits on the Way to Costco

Coast Warehouse  is proud to announce that some delicious dried fruits can now call our food grade warehouse ‘home!’


These snacks made their way to Coast Warehouse from a different food grade warehousing facility that had trouble managing the inventory.  Luckily, here at Coast Warehouse we have state-of-the-art 3PL Logistics Warehousing facilities. We knew our warehousing technology could ensure the efficient handling of our new client’s product.  In addition, we were able to promise the customer “Superior” rated AIB-certified food grade storage here at Coast Warehouse.


Coast Warehouse is currently storing some tasty dried mangoes while they await departure to local Costco Wholesalers! During their stay at our FDA-certified food grade warehouse, our dedicated team constructed and stocked some lovely display cases for these sweet treats and set them up on Costco-approved pallets! Now, they are ready for immediate placement on the floor of Costco stores, making it easy for you to grab a bag to take home to your family during your next Costco trip!


Be on the lookout for dried mandarin oranges and dried cantaloupe soon, too!

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