Coast Packaging Teams With The Happy Egg Co. To Bring A Vibrant New Vision To The Marketplace

Coast Packaging is excited to welcome our new client, Happy Egg Co. ( Happy Eggs and Coast Packaging’s synergy began with their California-marketed products and has grown to Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Missouri. We are looking forward to expanding to a fully-national campaign soon!

According to Happy Eggs website, they are redefining the egg industry with truly free-range eggs, with hens guaranteed at least 14 square feet per bird. Their free-range organic egg brands, Happy Egg Co eggs can be found at conventional grocery stores (Safeway/Vons, Kroger/Ralph’s, etc.)

Happy Eggs commitment to being an industry leader in innovation is what brought them to Coast Packaging. Happy Eggs needed packaging that was as unique as their corporate vision. Coast Packaging brought their experience with state-of-the-art picture quality printing technology to provide a superior product to the Happy Egg Co. By teaming up with Coast Packaging, Happy Egg Company has been able to bring vibrant, environmentally-efficient cartons to consumers.

Coast Packaging’s 40 years of experience in the packaging industry have given us an understanding of the needed tooling and technology to produce the highest quality packaging and graphics available. Just as we offered custom printed graphics on our corrugated cardboard packaging to Happy Eggs, Coast Packaging can facilitate your custom printing needs on any corrugated, egg carton, over wrap film or special product. Please give us a call at (800) 624-0838 or contact us at

Coast Packaging's Own Jim Ford Wins PEPA

Coast Packaging could not be more proud to announce that our very own General Manager  Jim Ford has been named the “Industry Person Of The Year” by The Pacific Egg and Poultry Association (PEPA)! 

The Pacific Egg and Poultry Association is a regional nonprofit agricultural trade association which has served the egg and poultry industry for over 90 years. PEPA’s goal is to enhance the viability of the poultry and egg industries in the eleven Western States and Canada, and its ability to produce and market the highest quality food products to the consumer in a competitive manner.

PEPA has been honoring a member of the poultry industry annually since 1962.  Other past recipients include industry legends like Gary West, Arny Riebli, Ed Demler and Harry Eisen as well as Coast Packaging and Haddy Sales Company founder Joe Haddy.

Coast Packaging is especially proud of Jim Ford for breaking the mold of previous “Industry Person of the Year” winners.  In contrast to most—if not all—past recipients, Jim Ford has never been a poultry or egg producer.  Instead, Jim is being recognized for his commitment to the Egg and Poultry Industry as an allied member.   His career-long dedication to the food and grocery industry began straight out of high school for Jim  stocking shelves in a Boys Markets location in Torrance, CA.  In the late 70’s he became a driver for Orowheat.  From Orowheat he made the transition in to the packaging side of the grocery industry when he was recruited by Keyes Packaging.  Fortunately for Coast Packaging, Ford’s time at Keyes Packaging afforded Haddy Sales Company founder Joe Haddy the opportunity to meet Jim who has now been working for Coast Packaging for over 30 years.

Coast Packaging is honored that PEPA recognizes the value and importance of packaging services to the egg and poultry industry.  As the leading supplier of environmentally friendly packaging in the Western United States, Jim and his team at Coast Packaging are always working hard to bring the egg and poultry industry top-of-the-line, cutting edge products including corrugated cardboard, molded fiber and high graphic custom packaging.  We also strive to supply the best machinery match for their customer’s applications, volumes and budgets.

Choose Coast Packaging for Your Custom Packaging Needs

While Coast Packaging is best known for our excellence in egg packaging and corrugated products for numerous packaging applications, we also offer other solutions for custom packaging needs.  Among these solutions, Coast Packaging is proud to offer custom molded fiber items for high volume orders.


Molded fiber is often considered a viable alternative to corrugated cardboard.  It is commonly deemed a sustainable packaging material, as defined by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, since it is produced from recycled materials, and can be recycled again after its useful life-cycle.  Molded fiber has many diverse applications that can meet your food packaging and protective packaging needs.  It is often used to create cup holders, furniture caps and wine bottle shipping.


In keeping with Coast Packaging’s commitment to finding customized solutions for our customers, we have the capacity to manufacture molded fiber in any form to meet your unique needs.  Our custom molded fiber solutions are available for high volume orders.

Coast Packaging Now Carries New Pallet Wrapping Film

Coast Packaging continues its commitment to becoming your “one-stop” packaging spot by carrying a variety of pallet wrapping film.  As always, Coast Packaging is dedicated to competitive prices coupled with the highest level of customer service and product consultation.  All of our customers at Coast Packaging enjoy the fruits of our Just-In-Time service and price sensitivity for any budget.

Pallet Wrap Varieties and Applications

Coast Packaging offers both hand wrap and machine wrap depending on our customers’ needs and scales.  In addition to the standard pallet wrapping film, Coast Packaging also carries vented film for special applications. 

Vented film has strategically placed holes to allow the products to breathe and avoid heat locking.  This particular pallet wrapping film is especially beneficial to the packaging and transport of produce. The specially-formulated film prevents wilting of fruits, vegetables and other live cargo. It also reduces the likelihood of cardboard disintegration from the perspiration of the produce.


Printed Pallet Wrap For Helping To Market Your Company

Coast Packaging’s 30 plus years of experience in the packaging industry have given us an understanding of the consumer market which we can use to leverage your brand and drive sales.  Just as we offer custom graphics on our famous corrugated cardboard packaging,  Coast Packaging can facilitate custom logo printing on eligible films and banders.

Coast Packaging Partners with Fox Packaging to Offer More Exciting New Products to Benefit Our Customers

Coast Packaging  is proud to announce yet another partnership aimed at improving the ease and convenience of packaging for our loyal customer base. Recently, Coast Packaging has sold a number of pallet wrapping machines manufactured by our friends at Fox Packaging Services.

Fox Packaging Services is a Canadian manufacturer of pallet wrapping equipment that has been evolving and inventing pallet wrapping equipment since 1998.  Because we here at Coast Packaging recognize and value the efforts of companies that hold customer service and satisfaction in as high esteem as the J.G Haddy Sales Company, we could not be more excited to work with Fox!  Fox is not only committed to the upmost customer service,  but also on building low maintenance, dependable equipment that fit any customer’s unique needs and budget.  We at Coast Packaging have worked with several of our customers to find the perfect custom-made machine fit.

While you may know that Coast Packaging is one of the market leaders for custom corrugated cardboard packaging, you may not know that Coast offers machinery consultation for our customers! Coast Packaging supplies the best machinery match for their customer’s applications, volumes and budgets. From the perspective of the packaging supplier, Coast’s personnel see a lot of machinery applications in the field. Honestly, many work well and many don’t!  As such, we are excited and dedicated to connecting our customers with amazing products like the Fox pallet wrapping machines!

Coast Packaging Continues Its Commitment as a Full-Service Carton Packaging Destination With Its New Taping Machine Partnership

In Coast Packaging’s ongoing quest to maximize efficiency for its customers, Coast Packaging has partnered with Best Pack to provide the highest quality carton sealers to our customer-base. Those familiar with the Best Pack brand consider the company’s products to be the “Cadillac” machines for carton erecting, taping and sealing. Best Pack customizes their machines and is targeting the egg carton industry with some of the most impressive customized solutions, speeds, reliabilities in the industry. Best Pack boasts specially formulated lines of carton sealing tape, namely, Acrylic tape and Hot Melt tape, as well as 90 different models of carton sealing machines: carton sealers, case formers and case erectors.


 Coast Packaging is proud to announce that we have recently sold a couple of Best Pack’s tape machines. We at Coast Packaging consider our new representation of Best Pack products as yet another step in the J.G. Haddy Sales Company continued commitment to satisfying all of our customers’ packaging, trucking and warehousing needs under one roof. Now, Coast Packaging not only offers the premier environmentally-friendly corrugated cardboard packaging to our customers, but also the top-of-the-line automatic taping machines complete with durable carton sealing tape for a consistent and quality seal each and every time. 

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