Packaging Supplier

Coast Packaging Company is a joint venture with PACTIV Corporation, formerly Tenneco Packaging Company, to provide sales, warehousing and distribution of egg packaging in the western United States.

Trucking Services

CPS Express, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of J.G. Haddy Sales Corporation. It is a privately- owned corporation providing regional carrier services throughout the Western region of the US. CPS provides truckload & dedicated contract services.

Warehouse Distribution

Coast Warehouse Company has been providing full service warehousing and distribution services for over 20 years. Coast Warehouse Company holds a leadership position in the growing Southern California and Northern California warehousing market.

Warehouse Distribution

Coast Warehouse Company has been providing full service warehousing and distribution services for over 20 years. Coast Warehouse Company holds a leadership position in the growing Southern California and Northern California warehousing market.

J.G. Haddy Sales Company

Warehousing and Distribution

J. G. Haddy Sales Co., Inc. is the parent company of the above sales, warehousing and transportation companies.

These companies have been operating from the Mira Loma Space Center for 30 plus years.

J. G. Haddy History


JG Haddy originated in 1954 as Suncrest Poultry Farms by Joe Haddy, John Haddy and Tom McBrinie. In 1955, Land was purchased in South Phoenix for the purpose of starting a hen laying ranch. Expanding rapidly a feed mill and long haul refrigerated trucks were purchased. McBrirnie was bought out and the partnership became four corporations.


During the ensuring years, California production continued to increase causing markets in California to become more and more burdensome on the egg market. The producer cooperative for surplus removal would be formed to subsidize out of state shipments.

Green Companies


CPS Express, Inc. is a leader in the growing trend to protect our planet. We have successfully reduced our carbon footprint to levels well below the national standard. We have achieved this through retrofitting existing equipment with AQMD-approved particulate filters; retiring older, “dirty” trucks and replacing with new “clean” trucks; aerodynamic improvements to reduce air flow resistance; and extensive driver training regarding proper driving techniques.


Our advanced approach to a clean, efficient fleet has allowed us to be AQMD and SMARTWAY compliant well into the new decade. Moving forward, we will continue these efforts to ensure a leadership position well into the future.


Coast Warehouse Company is doing its part for the environment and greening America. Approximately 50% of our equipment is electric and our entire fleet complies with the new California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) stringent emissions requirement for warehouse operations, including propane forklifts. We also have a recycling program throughout the warehouse so all plastic, paper items, cardboard and other recyclable items are gathered, sorted and bailed in our on-site bailer. Once we create enough bails, the recycled product is sent to a mass recycling center where we are paid by the pound. Recycling actually helps our company’s bottom-line!


Coast Packaging is a leader in recycled packaging. Our extensive line of molded fiber packaging that is made from 100% recycled newspapers.  Many of our corrugated offerings are made from 100% recycled corrugated as well. 

Employment and Recruiting


JG Haddy is an equal opportunity employer and is always accepting applications. Please refer to the below for application information. Should you have any additional questions regarding the application process, please call us at (951) 685-1041 x113. We look forward to discussing your prospective career with the Haddy family. Thank you for considering joining our team!

Non-Driver Employment Application


If you are not a Class A or B licensed truck driver and would like to apply for employment with our growing companies (CPS Express, Coast Warehouse Company and / or Coast Packaging Co.), please complete the attached employment application and return it via:


CPS Express Diver Application


We are always looking for good drivers with clean motor vehicle reports and clean background checks. We offer positions in the line haul, local delivery and customer dedicated runs with possible advancement to management and supervisory positions. We currently have positions available for both company drivers, sub-contractors and owner operators.


Drivers can look forward to newer model trucks that are green and compliant with industry regulations, health benefits, paid vacations, retirement plans, no-force dispatch, family environment and competitive salaries / compensation packages. We also offer safety bonuses and new driver and customer referral bonuses.  All of this makes CPS Express an enjoyable place to work and build a career.


Please complete the attached employment application and return it along with a current DMVH6 via:


Safety and Awards


CPS Express, Inc. take safety seriously; we have won multiple awards over the years and are very proud of our drivers.


The California Trucking Association has recognized our efforts to promote safety. Over the past eleven years, CPS Express, Inc. has been awarded in the top three (including two 1st place awards) as California’s safest fleet. This is a very prestigious award that encompasses every aspect of a carrier’s ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. Additionally, CPS Express has been awarded top safety recognition by many large, nationally known  customers for our outstanding safety record.

Keeping Our Roads Safe


Getting our drivers and products to the destination is critical but keeping them safe is just as important to CPS Express. Some the many safety related items incorporated into our operations include.


  • Vehicles equipped with modern anti-collision technology. Lane Departure, forward facing radar, right and left side object detection and dual facing dash cameras.
  • State of the art Electronic Logging Devices. These “ELD’ s” are user friendly devices that monitor and record all the activity of a vehicle. Including Daily logs and DVIR’s   They also alert drivers as to their current hours of service, lunch & rest breaks and restart status.
  • GPS Monitoring. Vehicles are equipped with GPS that includes up to date mapping to allow accurate truck routing, instantaneous vehicle location tracking, and the ability for the office to monitor any vehicles telemetry – alerting the proper staff of any issues before they become a bigger problem
  • Strict employment criteria that far exceed D.O.T. requirements
  • Extensive training during orientation with consistent follow up throughout a driver’s career. CPS Express has proven that a well-trained, confidant driver is a safe and courteous driver.

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